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Colorectal Cancer Screening with Digital FIT

According to the German Cancer Register and the German Centre of Cancer Registry Data (Robert-Koch-Institute), 33.400 men and 27.600 women contracted colorectal cancer in 2016 alone. This number could be significantly lower if early treatment and screening systems were in place.

Since the 1st of April 2017, immunochemical tests screening for faecal occult blood (fecal immunochemical tests, short FIT) have been included into the list of medical services covered by statutory health insurance. Tests like this are vastly superior to the previously accepted guaiac tests. This will hugely improve cancer prevention in Germany.

QuantOn Hem® is an innovative test system for quantitative and immunochemical evaluation of occult blood in faeces. For this system, all you need is a QuantOn Hem® rapid test and the QuantOn Hem® smart phone app. The app automatically displays quantitative results of hemoglobin concentration in the sample, once the test sample has been processed. This way, cancer screening can take place both at the doctor’s office and during house calls.

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