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PreventID® Bladder

PreventID® Bladder

Early detection of bladder cancer: PreventID® Bladder

Content: 1, 3, or 10 units Early screening and detection is very important when it comes to treating bladder cancer, just like it does with many other types of cancer. If a bladder tumour is detected in its early stages the patient has a very good chance of survival. If the tumour goes undetected and it has already started to spread, then recovery is very unlikely.

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Your advantages

  • Combined screening for two markers: higher safety in cancer screening


Tests for Doctors and Laboratories
Occupational health screening




Prostate and bladder

Frequently asked questions

  • How does PreventID® Bladder work?

    PreventID® Bladder is an immunochemical rapid test for doctors. It screens for two markers, a bladder cancer marker called CFHRs (complement factor H-related proteins) and haemoglobin, in the patients’ urine.

  • Whom was this test developed for?

    PreventID® Bladder tests may only be conducted by trained health professionals. It is suitable for near patient screening for bladder cancer at the doctor’s office.

  • How long does the test take?

    12 minutes overall: 2 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes for the actual test.

  • How accurate is this test?

    The bladder cancer marker BCM has been scientifically proven to be a marker for bladder tumours. Additionally, a patient’s urine is also screened for a second marker, i.e. haemoglobin, as bladder tumours occasionally bleed, which can lead to trace amounts of blood in the patient’s urine. Studies have shown, that screening for both of these markers leads to earlier detection of bladder tumours.


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