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PreventID® CC

PreventID® CC

Für rasche, und sichere Darmkrebs-Vorsorge: PreventID® CC

Weltweit erkranken jedes Jahr rund 1,4 Millionen Menschen an Darmkrebs. Allein in Deutschland sind es circa 63.000. Jahr für Jahr sterben hier 26.000 Menschen an dieser Erkrankung. Der Großteil dieser Todesfälle wäre bei entsprechender Vorsorge zu verhindern, denn frühzeitig erkannter Darmkrebs ist fast immer heilbar!

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Your advantages

  • Große Zuverlässigkeit durch höchste Spezifität
  • Sie müssen vor der Anwendung keine Diät einhalten
  • Ihre gewohnten Medikamente können Sie weiter einnehmen
  • Testergebnisse liegen nach wenigen Minuten vor


Tests for Doctors and Laboratories
Occupational health screening




Gastrointestinal tract
Colorectal cancer screening

Frequently asked questions

  • How often should check-up tests be taken?

    From 50 onwards, you are entitled to one faecal occult blood screening per year. Apart from that, your doctor may order such a test (covered by healthcare), in case of relevant symptoms, whenever needed.

  • How accurate is this test?

    Over the years, Preventis has become a leading authority in the field of colorectal cancer diagnostics, with several decades of experience in cancer screening. With PreventID® CC, we have created an immunochemical rapid test for doctors and for home use, which can quickly and safely be applied to screen for occult blood in a stool sample. Because of its highly sensitive and precise nature, PreventID® CC is vastly superior to the guaiac tests which have hitherto been the norm. Even in comparison to other immunochemical laboratory tests, PreventID® CC is highly reliable.

    PreventID® CC offers qualitative results within a few minutes – the test displays whether or not the stool sample contains blood, invisible to the naked eye. With the help of antibodies, the tests screens only for human blood, thereby avoiding false positives. At the same time, PreventID® CC is sensitive enough to reliably detect even the smallest amounts of blood, exceeding the norm, in a stool sample.

  • How does PreventID® CC work?

    You will receive a stool collection kit (containing: instructions, a collection vial, and a stool collector) from your doctor. At home you will be able to collect your sample easily and hygienically. The collection vial can then be returned to your doctor in a discreet folding carton. This can be done at your convenience, as the vial can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days.

    Analysis at the doctor’s office: two drops of the sample will be placed on the test cassette. After only 5 minutes, the results are displayed. If discussed with your doctor, you can also take this test at home as PreventID® CC is available at your nearest pharmacy.

  • How long does the test take?

    Collecting the sample only takes a few minutes. 10 minutes after applying the sample to the test cartridge, results are displayed.


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