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PreventID® Vital-D

PreventID® Vital-D

Vitamin D, the sun vitamin for healthy bones and a healthy life

Content: 1, 5, or 20 units Vitamin D promotes optimally mineralized, sturdy, and healthy bones. A deficiency can lead to skeletal disorders like Osteoporosis or Rickets. Furthermore, a vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to other health problems like cardiovascular diseases and even cancer and diabetes. The human body produces vitamin D itself, using sun light. Additionally, there are many different supplements which can also help increase your vitamin D levels. A sufficient supply of the sun vitamin, reduces your risk of being affected by osteoporosis and make you less susceptible to infectious diseases like the common cold.

Container sizes

Number Article number PZN-Nummer
1 KST80100EP 10795727
5 PST80100G5 14044099
20 PST80100GP 14044107

Your advantages

  • Protection from several illnesses
  • Easy vitamin D screening with PreventID® Vital-D


Tests for Doctors and Laboratories
Occupational health screening


Health-conscious individuals


Treatment monitoring
Bone health

Frequently asked questions

  • How does PreventID® Vital-D work?

    First you will collect a small blood sample from the tip of your finger, using a lancet provided in the test kit. This is fast, painless and can be done in the comfort of your own home. You will then apply the sample to the carrier material and send it to the laboratory. This kind of dry blood sample does not need cooling. At the laboratory, experts will determine the 25-OH vitamin D levels in the dry blood sample. Your results and an explanation will be returned to you through the mail. If necessary, you may choose to discuss results with a doctor or pharmacist.

  • How accurate is this test?

    A medical laboratory determines your vitamin D levels. It is therefore highly reliable and comparable to a full blood analysis.

  • How long does the test take?

    Collecting the sample only takes a few minutes. A few days after you have sent the test in, you will receive your results and some annotations.

  • Whom was this test developed for?

    PreventID® Vital-D can be used to determine personal vitamin D levels in the blood, accurately and painlessly, suitable even for children. The test kit was developed for health-conscious individuals who wish to make sure that both they themselves and their families have a sufficient supply of vitamin D. Especially, since these levels can easily be optimized by taking supplements or by a change in life style. Discuss any further measures with your doctor or pharmacist.

EN-Bitte beachten Sie, dass Selbsttests, so wie alle diagnostischen Tests, nur einen Teil einer Diagnose darstellen und nicht das persönliche Arztgespräch ersetzen können. Wir empfehlen Ihnen bei Unsicherheiten, Fragen und besonders bei einem positiven Testergebnis ärztlichen Rat einzuholen.


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